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We Offer You The Best Legal Counsels. D’ Legal Immigration Solicitors Help Their Clients; Navigate The Often-Complex Process Of Obtaining Visas, Permanent Residency, Green Cards, And Citizenship. Immigration Law Is A Complex And Ever-Changing Field, And D’ Legal Immigration Solicitors Are Capable To Keep Up With The Latest Developments In Order To Serve Their Clients. This Can Be A Difficult And Demanding Job. We Are Passionate About Protecting The Rights Of Immigrants And Helping Them Build New Lives In The Developed Countries.
We Are Well-Versed In Applicable Statutes And Regulations, As Well As Case Law Interpreting Those Immigration Laws. Our Team Is Also Familiar With The Procedures Of Various Immigration Agencies, Of Different Countries. In Addition, Our Team Can Effectively Communicate With Clients From Diverse Backgrounds. D’ Legal Immigration Ensure Best Efforts To Achieve Targets For Our Clients.

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  • Fastest growing network

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Skilled immigration refers to process of individuals with specialized skills, qualifications, and expertise relocating to another country for work opportunities. It`s a pivotal building block towards successful future, offering  pathway to growth, expanded horizons, & the prospect of contributing & benefiting from a new society.


In an era of global interconnectedness, expanding your business internationally is not just an option but a strategic imperative. D’Legal Immigration Solicitors LLP understands the significance of navigating the intricate landscape of business immigration. We offer tailored solutions to facilitate You.


A second passport, also known as a dual citizenship or multiple citizenship, refers to the legal status in which an individual is a citizen of two or more countries simultaneously. It can be achieved through various means, such as birth, marriage, naturalization, or investment-based citizenship programs by certain countries.

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Hassle-free, convenient, and simple process with our team of expert immigration lawyers

USA Immigration

Expert assistance for your USA immigration

Leverage the immense market potential of the United States with our business immigration expertise. Explore options such as the E-2 Investor Visa or the L-1 Intracompany Transfer Visa, allowing you to establish or expand your business operations in the world’s largest economy. Our seasoned team ensures a seamless process, enabling you to tap into the diverse opportunities the U.S. market has to offer.

UK Immigration

Expert assistance for your UK Immigration

Position your business at the heart of global commerce by considering the United Kingdom as your expansion destination. With visa options like the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa or the Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer Visa, our specialists guide you through the UK’s business immigration landscape. Benefit from a robust business environment and strategic access to European markets.

AUSTRALIA Immigration

Expert assistance for your Australia immigration

Position your business for success in the dynamic Australian market. Consider the Business Innovation and Investment Visa or the Employer Nomination Scheme for skilled migration. Our experts at D’Legal Immigration Solicitors LLP provide guidance on navigating Australia’s business immigration policies, helping you tap into the country’s vibrant economy and diverse consumer base.

CANADA Immigration

Expert assistance for your Canada immigration

Embark on a thriving business journey in Canada, a country known for its economic stability and welcoming business climate. Explore the Start-Up Visa Program or the Provincial Nominee Program tailored for entrepreneurs. D’Legal Immigration Solicitors LLP facilitates your entry into the Canadian business landscape, ensuring a smooth transition and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Our professional team of immigration lawyers understand not only what the immigration laws and legislations are, but the policy and context behind it.

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Your initial consultation is totally fee of cost and our experts guide you all the way with customized solutions.

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We have a combined experience of over 20 years and specialise in immigration Law, and our reputation as Immigration Lawyers is prime all over Pakistan.

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As Immigration Lawyers we have a combined experience of more than two decades and our sucess ratio is more than 97%

Licensed Immigration Consultants


We are here to help you. D Legal Immigration LLP has vast experience of dealing with the refused or declined immigration  applications of different countries and get it approved for the client.

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The staff are well informed have excellent communication & interaction skills. They aim to assist and understand the concerns of their clients. Their ability to go the extra mile to assistin a timely manner is phenomenal.

Arshad Ibrahim

UK Business Immigration

I am fully satisfied with the services I received from your D Legal Immigration. Very informative advise and directions which were so workable that we could understand. Thank you very much, I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Esha Javed

CANADA Skilled Visa

They are very fast in answering questions and their responses is always very clear. Very good reactivity. So good that I recommended the company to 2 friends of mine who want to rejoin with their families.

Mr & Mrs Shafqat

Family Settlement Visa

Very professional and proficient in services provided by Sumit for my ILR application. Planning and keeping a very good time line as requested. Highly recommend the services and will definitely use them again. 

Hurriyat Absar

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